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We all have our goals and dreams and it is important to think positively and stay on track in achieving them. In doing so, it would be wise to protect them from all external factors. We all know how the changes in the economic environment, can take a negative turn and have a devastating impact on our lives.

My task is to create a solid foundation on your financial life, to enable you to have the financial freedom as well as the peace of mind that the quality of life you choose for you and your loved ones, is not affected by any external circumstances. My task is to make sure that your financial future is secured.

Together, we will put objectives and priorities, exploring your personal risks, the risks of your family and those of your business and we will assess them and evaluate to which extent they may influence you.

We will plan accordingly the propositions that we will compile for you and provide solutions, to divert risks.

If you give us the opportunity, we will present a plan that will ensure the stability of your income and protect your loved ones. .

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To help you complete the vital step of determining your goals, risk appetite and need for flexibility, before identifying a range of solutions that could meet your objectives.

To build credibility and offer an added value to the people and businesses concerning their insurance and financial planning.


Thanos Leonida is a qualified Court of the Table member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT, www.mdrt.org), the Premier Association for the world’s best life insurance and financial services professionals who are committed to providing exemplary client service.

Honors & Awards

Throughout the years, Thanos Leonida has consistently scored as one of the best performing agents with the highest production, new business and total portfolio value and the best performing agent for 2015.


He is also a member of LIMRA, the Life Insurance Marketing Research Association, which consults life insurance companies and provides advice on marketing and distribution.

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