My Company


Self Growth Insurance Agents and Consultants ltd, provides a wide range of financial and insurance services representing CNP Cyprialife Insurance Company, a pioneer in the insurance field with a sound financial base.

  • Procedure & Services:
  • Systematically collect all relevant data
  • Assess present needs and future goals
  • Design and propose solutions
  • Implement desired change
  • Establish a plan for regular, structured reviews

Mission Statement
To help you complete the vital step of determining your goals, risk appetite and need for flexibility, before identifying a range of solutions that could meet your objectives.

Statement of Philosophy

  • Honesty and respect to our clients
  • The cornerstone of our philosophy is the focus on the client needs, in order to recommend the most appropriate solutions for meeting those needs.
  • In the quest for achieving our targets we will not sacrifice quality for quantity or integrity for ambition.
  • The client’s interest is our major purpose and every client receives the best we can offer.

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