Insuring a key card for a business (Key Person Insurance)

A Key Person is either an employee, a director, or a contractor to an enterprise whose skills and expertise are essential to the functioning and profitability of the concern. Should a Key Person die or become totally disabled, the enterprise may lose clients, face increasing competition, suffer from a decline in turnover, incur considerable loss, or even collapse. This scheme will help you to plan ahead, with Key Person, partnership or shareholder protection providing fund at critical times, should the worst happen. Depending on the way you tailor this scheme, this sum can be used to buy a shareholder’s or partner’s stake, replace lost business income, recruit and train a replacement or supplement salary payments.

A special plan to protect the associates/shareholders of a business

Many times the shareholders or associates of the company will have to buy off the share of one or more shareholders because of death or incapacity. The plan provides the capital at the time it will be needed, so that the family of the deceased will not be left exposed and the surviving associate will assume responsibility of the business without personal cost.

Benefits to employees

The benefits resulting from employment, like the medical-pharmaceutical plan, the plan against personal accidents, a group life insurance and incapacity scheme, are the ones that keep employees attached to a company. Most working people prefer to be paid less, but to enjoy their benefits. I can analyze your present condition and suggest to you various ways of providing benefits to your staff with the minimum possible cost.

Group pension schemes

Providing a pension is one of the most basic provisions of a business for the owners, cadres and its staff. We can plan according to the needs of your business, pension plans, which can be either your main pension program, or a complementary one. The contribution too can be wholly made by you or be shared with the employees.

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