Protecting Your Earning Power

The most valuable asset we have is our ability to work, losing this ability due to reasons like a disability from an accident or sickness or even death, can be devastating for us or our family. With proper planning everything that you dreamt of can be protected even in unfortunate events like the above.

Family Survival Income Planning

The survival of our family is based on the ability to produce income on a regular basis. The interruption of the production of regular income for numerous and various reasons, e.g. an accident, a disability, an incurable disease, or even a premature death shall deprive our family from the indispensable income. After the examination of your present status I shall submit to you an insurance analysis that will concern the securing of your family in case of an interruption in the flow of the family regular income.

Retirement Planning

Who doesn’t dream of retiring while still young and healthy enough to enjoy the rewards of years of hard work? Those dreams generally envision a standard of living at least as good as your current standard of living . But have you thought about how you’re going to support that standard? To ensure a comfortable retirement, you need to start planning now.

College Planning

Planning for children’s education should be a priority for every family. The best and economical way to get our children to university is to foresee this great cost. Whether your children will go to study in twenty years or tomorrow I can assist you in financing his/her studies through a wide range of university plans.

Health Insurance

The cost for medical and pharmaceutical care has increased at such levels that it is imperative that we have a full medical care coverage plan. If you or a member of your family is taken ill or injured you want to be sure that you can access the best possible medical facilities without having to wait. I can provide you with a variety of options to match your individual needs.

Investment Planning

It is known that a long-term and well-planned investment produces the highest yield for your investment. After analyzing your Risk Profile I shall be able to suggest various types of investment in relation to your financial targets.

Coverage for Critical Illnesses

Major surgery, disability or critical illness can devastate a family, particularly when it affects income. However selecting this option means that a capital sum will help you to cope with the worst.

Decrease of Income Tax

Each month we are obliged to pay part of our income to income tax. However, the government, in order to motivate people to save, grants tax exemptions for investment on insurance saving plans. Through an analytical programme we shall be able to determine how much income tax you can save and to consult you as regards to the most appropriate existing plans for the decrease of income tax.

General Insurance

Our house, car, valuables and other property we have are exposed to perils such as fire, theft etc. With the right general insurance plan you can have the necessary protection so you can have peace of mind.
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